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Princess Debut Stories

Step into the shoes of the princess of a magical kingdom!

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A place for fan stories about the Nintendo DS video game, Princess Debut
Intro How It Works Joining the Community Writing Your Story
Welcome to pd_stories, Princess Debut Stories! This community is for people who love the game Princess Debut for the Nintendo DS, but feel that the stories between the princess and her different princes left a lot of room for exploration. On this community, we hope to see how different storylines might emerge depending on which prince the princess chooses!
Pick a prince, any prince, and tell us your version of his story and his romance with the princess. This can be done through words (like a fanfic) or pictures (like a fan comic), or a combination of both! To start with, we want to make sure that every prince gets represented, so please see the claims post here. Once every prince has been claimed, we can double up.
If you're not interested in writing a story of your own, but would like to read the stories that are posted here, you are welcome to join the community! Joining the comm will allow you to more easily see when your favorite stories are updated. :-) Members who join but are not writing a story won't have posting access to the community, but can still comment on the posts that are made!
Be sure to join the community and claim a prince on the claims post! Once you've claimed your prince, you will be given posting access to the community so that you can post your chapters. You will also be given an author tag so fans of your story can sort out just your posts. Once you're ready to start, please check out our guidelines and suggestions for writing your story here!
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