Sailor Donut (jeweledeyes) wrote in pd_stories,
Sailor Donut

Claim your prince!

If you'd like to tell a story about one of the princes from Princess Debut, please claim him here! If and when everyone gets picked, we can double up; but for the time being, I would like to see all the princes get at least one story! As all princes have now been claimed, double-ups are now being accepted; we don't want anyone to be excluded! :-)

-Klaus: claimed by hinokahoko
-Luciano: claimed by timbeon
-Liam: claimed by jeweledeyes
-Cesar: claimed by mystical_wings
-Vince: claimed by inuyashanohime
-Keifer: claimed by kitsuneasika

Let me know if you'd like to see other characters like Tony Rabbit or Kip, or if you'd like to do one of the real-life versions of these guys.
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