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Welcome to pd_stories, Princess Debut Stories! This community was an idea of mine and my sister's. We both love the game Princess Debut for the Nintendo DS, but felt like the stories between the princess and her different princes left a lot of room for exploration. In particular, my sister thought that Cesar's story left many loose ends, and she wanted to know more about Cesar and his romance with the princess. Meanwhile, I wanted to see a good love story about my favorite prince, Liam. So, we decided to create this community!

Basically, on this community, we want to see re-tellings of the game's events from the perspectives of the different princes. The game pretty much stays the same no matter who your partner is (i.e., other princes will still ask you on a date on the same day even if you already have a partner, etc.); we want to see new, individual stories!

So, here's how the community's going to work: pick a prince, any prince, and tell us your version of his story and his romance with the princess. This can be done through words (like a fanfic) or pictures (like a fan comic), or a combination of both! (I'm planning on doing a combo such as what is seen at curiousinsane) To start with, we want to make sure that every prince gets represented, so we'll do a claims post. Once every prince has been claimed, we can double up. (I don't think this comm is going to be very big though, but we'll wait and see).

Here are some suggestions for your Princess Debut story (these are just guidelines, not rules):

-Since this is YOUR story and YOUR favorite prince, give the princess a unique name! It can be your own name or a pseudonym, but I think that will be more fun than just having 6 different "Sabrina"s.

-Try to follow the general plot of Princess Debut, but this doesn't mean that you have to follow every line verbatim! Change things up a bit. Think about how you think that the princess would react to a situation, even if that means she reacts differently than she did in the real game. Remember, most of these lines in the game remain the same no matter the situation (i.e., whether she has a partner yet or not, or who her partner is), but it probably wouldn't be that way in real life. Switch it up! We want to see how different every person can make her storyline and dialogue be!

-There's no set timeline on finishing your story. Goodness knows both the moderators are busy and won't have time to work on their stories non-stop. Feel free to break your story down into chapters and take as long as you need to finish the next chapter.

I think that's about it for the ground rules... let's just have fun with it and see where it goes!
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